"The Greatest tragedy in life is not death. The greatest tragedy is living life without a purpose"

Dr. Myles Munroe

Gary Napier

To Dare, means to have courage.
The courage not to be someone else,
but to be YOU!

"Every challenge, trial and test you face in life is preparation for the purpose within you."

Many of us from a very early age are taught that in order to accomplish our best in life, we should do well at school, achieve good grades in our GCE's/A level exams, gain an honours degree at University, in order to be best placed to pursue our chosen career field. For others, the emphasis has not been on what you know, but who you know, that will enable you to aspire and succeed in your present and future goals. These pathways are well trodden and have enabled many to have a realistic chance of receiving a fulfilling life.

Yet, I have recognized that there is still a gap within us. Despite the support and encouragement to be an individual, we too often allow our friends, family, the education system, the media, and people's viewpoints, to determine who we are, which often leads to what we choose to do.

We are consumed by other people's opinions, as opposed to being governed by pursuing our purpose on earth.

We believe that each individual was created for a specific purpose, that only he or she can achieve. I am a firm believer of gaining the relevant qualifications and training to prepare us for our purpose in life.

Therefore, the greatest satisfaction in life is 'Daring to be YOU'!

Gary Napier